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Crumb Library

Crane Library


Makerspace Equipment


3D Printers

  • 2 - Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printers

3D Scanners

  • 2 – Matter & Form 3D scanners


  • 2 – Mac Mini computer workstations

Printing Material

Provided and available free of charge:

  • PLA
  • ABS

There is no cost for printing in basic PLA or ABS material. If you wish to print in any of the other printing materials listed below you will need to E-mail us at to purchase a spool of the material you want. Only material provided by us or ordered through us will be allowed for use in these printers.

Must be ordered in advance through the library.

  • TPU– Thermopolymer– Flexible
  • Polycorbonate– High impact strength
  • CPE– Copolyester
  • PLA/PHA– Made from renewable resources, biodegradable
  • XT– High Temperature Copolymer
  • nGen Flex– Amphorapolymer– Styrene free
  • HT– Polymer– BPA free
  • XT-CF20– Carbon Fiber
  • Woodfill– Polymer & wood flecks