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CHEM 408 - Chemistry Topics - Fathima Nazeer - Fall 2022: CHEM 408


Carol Franck
267 - 3310

Course Documents

Introduction and Welcome

Chemistry Topics Library Sessions

  • The library classes focus on use of the chemical literature, including the major search tools.
  • The classes are held in the library classroom in Crumb 204,
  • Outline of the library classes:
    • Sept. 13 Class 1: Following a Citation Trail ("known item searching")
    • Oct. 4 Class 2: Using Chemistry Article search tools (search by topic)

Getting and Citing your Articles using ACS style - Session 1

Getting your Articles:

  • If you have a citation, AND it is for an article, then
    1. Use the Search For Journals by Title tool to see if any of our online services have that journal for the date you need or if we have it in paper form.
    2. If we don't seem to have it, make sure you are searching with the complete journal title, not the abbreviated title (Use the CASSI-Journal Abbreviation Search Tool to figure out the full title - you will need this for interlibrary loan if we do not have access)
    3. If we don't have immediate access, then check Google Scholar for a free web copy (unlikely, but still preferred by students)
    4. If there is no access, then submit an InterLibrary Loan.
  • If you have just the citation, AND it is for a book or book chapter, then
    • Use WorldCat to determine who has the book (not the chapter), and use the interlibrary loan link built into Worldcat to get the book
    • Pay attention to editions and languages.

Citing your Articles:

  • Use the links to the left on this page to help create your citations
  • Ask for help if you are confused


Citation Trails and Other Search tools


Find United States patents by searching at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Use Google Patent search to include european and select other countries. 

What papers have cited your reference? (going forward in time)

1)  Use Scopus or Web of Science to do a formal citation search (we have neither.  Clarkson has Scopus)

2)  Use the poor-man’s free version by checking Google Scholar

Other Things to Talk About

Locating information on Chemical Substances

  • Chem Spider et al.

Open Access, paywalls, and access to scholarly information in the future

STN easy and access to Chemical Abstracts


Crumb Library: 315-267-2485
Crane Library: 315-267-2451

Text Us! (Mon-Fri, 10 - 4): 315-277-3730

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