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Fall 2020 updates: Home

Fall 2020 Library Updates

Welcome back!  Here's the library latest (subject to change, of course)

  • Crane library east side is open from 8:00-8:00, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 - 4:30 on Friday, and closed on the weekend.
  • The Lougheed Learning Commons 1st floor is open: Mon-Thurs 8:00 - 11:00, Fri 8:00 - 8:00, Sat 10 - 2:00, Sun noon - 11:00.
  • Building access is via card-swipe with limited occupancy to control for social distancing requirements
  • The 2nd floor of Crumb Library will be closed and access to materials in both Crane and Crumb Libraries will be mediated through our Library Materials Pickup (LaMP) service with requested material retrieved by library staff.  Students, faculty and staff can use BearCat, our catalog to locate items they want and to virtually browse the shelves, then submit a request for materials they would like to check out (see LaMP instructions here).  We cannot safely let patrons browse our books due to the length of time the Covid-19 virus can survive on the surface of library materials and our need to quarantine anything that gets used/handled for 7 days.  This is based on the industry best-practices study (REALM project) for how long the virus can survive on various library surfaces/materials. Please PLAN AHEAD.  This service takes time, so please look for resources well in advance of needing them.
  • Because we are quarantining materials that have been used for 7 days, there will be no reserves or textbook collections (which circulate on a 3-hour basis) available this Fall.
  • Library services will be offered remotely
  • Computing and printing are still available at both libraries but with reduced capacity.
  • For Fall 2020, Library access, services and materials will be limited to SUNY Potsdam students, faculty, and staff.  When pandemic restrictions ease we will welcome back community members. 
  • Questions about access to Government Documents may be addressed to Holly Chambers (

More details as we get them.

Crane Library Specific Details

Physical Spaces

  • The central lobby and the east side will be available to faculty and students with a maximum capacity of 24 people.  Access will be controlled through cardswipe.
  • The west side of Crane Library including the stacks for books, scores and reference books will be closed to the public, and the closed stacks of DVDs, CDs and vinyl LPs will be closed to the faculty.  Library staff will retrieve materials for use through the Library Materials Pickup (LaMP) service.
  • CTS-provided computers and the black & white printer will still be available on the library's east end.
  • Two listening carrels will still be available, as well as headphones to the CTS-provided computers for users listening to Naxos and other streaming sites.

Item accessibility

  • Library staff will retrieve materials for use through the Library Materials Pickup (LaMP) service.
  • Materials requested from collections in the Crane library may be retrieved at Crane library in Schuette Hall after 10:00am the day after they are requested.  This is not an immediate retrieval service, so please PLAN AHEAD and understand that it takes time.  Please be aware that items requested from Friday afternoon through the weekend may not be ready until Tuesday - it will depend upon the volume of requests.

Item returns

  • Returns may be made at the Crane Library drop box on the Schuette Hall plaza, at Crumb Library, or in the Crane faculty mailroom.
  • Pandemic precautions recommend that returned items be held for 7 days before they are reshelved or re-used. We will keep returns on marked carts for 7 days before releasing them, so returned materials will NOT be immediately available.
  • For this reason, we are not offering reserves.


  • Reserves service will not be offered at either Crane Library or Crumb Library.
  • All library items that were on reserve last spring (when the campus closed) are back on the public shelves.
  • Faculty who have made frequent use of items for reserve may now borrow them at the standard faculty-loan terms, to use as permitted in Moodle and virtual learning.  

Any questions regarding Crane Library operations may be directed to the Crane Librarian, Ed Komara (

Crumb Library Specific Details

Physical Spaces

  • Within the Lougheed Learning Commons, the first floor is open, but the second floor (Crumb Library) is closed.  First floor capacity is approximately 75 people.  Access to the building will be controlled by cardswipe
  • About 35 computers are spread throughout the first floor.  Black and white as well as color printing is available
  • Minerva's cafe and the Makerspace are closed
  • Group study space/rooms are not available
  • The Honors Lounge will be open and access will be controlled by cardswipe

Library Services

  • Library services will be offered remotely. 
    • 24/7 chat service for reference (monitored by SUNY Potsdam librarians 10-6 Monday-Friday),
    • one-on-one appointments with a librarian for more in-depth assistance
    • Inter-library Loan and Resource Sharing programs for materials from other libraries.
    • Faculty may contact Melissa Netzband ( for questions about library instruction.
    • Lockers will not be available.

Item accessibility

  • Library staff will retrieve materials requested with the Library Materials Pickup (LaMP) service.
  • This is not an immediate retrieval service, so please PLAN AHEAD and understand that it takes time
  • Submit requests by 8:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening to be available the next day.
  • Requests submitted on Friday and through the weekend will be available Tuesday.  You can check on Monday, but we cannot guarantee that a three-day volume of requests will be available on Monday.
  • Pick up requests Monday – Friday either 10-12 or 2-4 at the Research Center in the Lougheed Learning Commons located along the south wall facing the Barrington Student Union.
  • Requested items will be held for pick-up for 7 days.  If not picked up, they will be re-shelved to be available for others.

Item returns

  • Returns may be made at the outside permanent book return flap/chute built into the angled wall on the Satterlee side of the Lougheed Learning Commons or inside to the marked bins in the LLC Lobby.
  • Returned items are quarantined for 7 days before being reshelved, so returned materials will NOT be immediately available.

Reserves & Textbooks

  • Due to the necessity to quarantine materials for 7 days after patron use, our 3 hour loan collections will not be available this fall.

Please direct any questions to


Crumb Library: 315-267-2485
Crane Library: 315-267-2451

Text Us! (Mon-Fri, 10 - 4): 315-277-3730

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