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Open Educational Resources (OER) at SUNY Potsdam

This guide will help faculty find, assess and create OER.

Publishing Platforms

OER creation and sharing can be as simple as a Google Doc, or as complex as a professional OER textbook hosted by a repository. If you need assistance with publishing or sharing your OER, please contact Esta Tovstiadi at

Copyright Resources

ALMS Analysis

The ALMS Analysis provides a framework for evaluating the technological and intellectual openness of an OER, beyond the "Four R's." When creating OER, you should consider these criteria:

Access to editing tools - What software is needed to edit this resource? For example, in order to view a .pdf file, you can use freely available software. But editing a .pdf requires paid software. The HTML format iss an example of a file that can be easily edited.

Level of expertise required to revise or remix - Text resources can be easily edited by anyone with the correct software. But 3D models, for example, require someone with specialized training. Although there can be a need for these specialized types of OER, try to think about using the simplest tool possible for creating your OER.

Meaningfully editable - Think about the format of your OER in terms of what it would take someone to edit it. For instance, if your OER is a scanned page of hand-written notes, consider having those notes transcribed into a typed document.

Source-file access - This is of concern for digital media. For instance, if you create a Flash file, share access to the .fla file (the source file) as well as the .swf (the actual Flash file). 

From: The Four R's of Openness and the ALMS Analysis: Frameworks for Open Educational Resources


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