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Textbooks - Student Information

Provide information for students to explain our textbook collection on reserve.

About the Crumb Library Textbook Initiative

We know that textbooks are expensive and that students struggle to purchase personal copies. The Crumb Library Textbook Initiative is to help students have affordable access to the tools they need to succeed.  An analysis we did in Spring 2018 showed that it would cost over $40,000 each semester to purchase one copy of each required or recommended title for every course. So, while we don't have $40,000 we are starting with $10,000 to build a collection of textbooks that we hope students find helpful.

What's included in the Crumb Textbook Collection?

We didn't buy ALL the textbooks required this semester. We started by purchasing required texts for lower level courses: 100, 200 and some 300 level courses. We also looked at enrollments and focused on classes that had ~20 or more students. It isn't always easy to tell which edition of a textbook to buy, so if it wasn't clear which manifestation to purchase, or if it wasn't available from our vendor, we skipped to the next title.

Generally, we we didn't buy:

  • Loose-leaf editions
  • E-books
  • Mass market paperbacks (like novels)
  • Access codes (licensing issues prevent us from making access code available). If your professor requires you to access the online content, you will need purchase that separately.
  • Workbooks or other "consumables"
  • Lab manuals
  • Clickers

A few more details

For Fall Semester 2018, we have ordered ~140 titles. We plan to purchase more next semester.

Replacement costs range from $50-$300 dollars and are indicated on a label on the front cover.

Loan periods are 3-hours. Library Use ONLY.

This is a shared collection. Please be respectful of your peers, and return textbooks on time and in good condition.