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New E-Resources for COVID-19

Many of our vendors have generously stepped up to the plate to offer access to electronic resources that normally we would have to pay for. This list is under construction, so visit often for updates.
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For  campus level information and updates see the SUNY Potsdam COVID-19 page.

For college libraries information and updates see the College Libraries COVID-19 site.

New E-Resources

Some of our vendors have generously offered to make electronic content available during the COVID-19 crisis. This list will continue to grow, so check back often. When possible, we added these new resources to our proxy server so that faculty and students can authenticate using their campus computer accounts. Don't forget we maintain 140+ electronic databases with lots of full text content. If you know of any resources not listed here, or have questions, contact: Marianne Hebert

Unfortunately, none of these resources will be available in the Fall semester.


Bloomsbury Digital Library - Free trials through the end of May.

Syllabi from Duke University Press