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Diverse Voices - Research Strategies

Health Care, Disability and Stigma - Subject Headings for Finding Diverse Voices

For books written BY types of people, first identify the subject heading used for that class of person, then add subject subdivision terms to narrow your search.
For autobiographies and memoirs, use the subject subdivision term Biography (LCSH), e.g. People with disabilities Biography). 
These heading might also be useful: People with disabilities, Writings of (LCSH)
For primary sources try these subject subdivision terms to find first hand accounts by historically marginalized voices:
More about primary sources and subject headings: Primary Sources Research Guide

Finding Videos

Films on Demand has over 40,000 videos including works about diverse people and about diverse cultures. For videos of diverse voices, search by topic, events, movements, author or activist name, such as: 
Also check these Films on Demand subject collections:

Internet Resources

There are lots of curated lists of books on timely topics in blogs and libraries websites. Try doing a browser search on [topic] non-fiction voices, e.g. "disability non-fiction voices" or "disability activism books," etc.
Here are some hashtags to try:
  • #ActuallyAutistic
  • #WheelChairLife
  • #TheBarriersWeFace
  • #InvisibleIllness
  • #DisabilityTooWhite
  • #AbleismExists
Here are a few example websites:

Journals Featuring Authors from Diverse Backgrounds

Some journals are better than other about amplifying voices from diverse people. Here are a few that feature people with disabilities and other health challenges.

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