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Fake News! - How to Evaluate Information & Avoid Mis/Disinformation: Online Information Evaluation

Step-by-Step Information Evaluation

Follow this process when consuming information online or spread through social media to determine if it's trustworthy.

Step-by-Step Information Evaluation

1. What did they say?

  • Is it hard to believe?
  • Is it based on known facts?
  • Does it seem plausible?
  • Who else is talking about it/sharing it?

2. Who said it?

  • Is the source "credible"?
  • Was it posted on legit social media channels?
  • Is the news media picking up on it?
  • What is the organization/person affected saying about it?

3. How can I fact-check?

  • Cross reference source(s)
  • Use verified online fact-checking tools
  • Check with others you trust
  • Verify what main stream news sources are saying

4. Time to make a call

  • Analyze your information
  • Label the info as real or fake

5. Can I use the info?

  • Decide what to do with the results
  • What is your confidence level in the results?
  • Rate as High--Medium--Low


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