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History - 2016 Guide: Books, Maps, Media, etc.

Books, media, etc. - what are they?

These are equivalent to what you would find on the shelf in a library.

  • Books on a single topic by one (or two or three...) authors.
  • Books which are edited volumes where each chapter is written by a different expert.
  • Audio-visual material such as DVDs, videos, CDs, etc.
  • Scores and librettos.

See the Articles tab for locating journals, magazines and newspapers.

Books, Media, etc. - how to search for them

  1. Try a title or keyword search on your topic.
  2. Look at several relevant records from the results list and note words and phrases from the "subject" area.
  3. Go back to the search screen and search BY SUBJECT using the words you identified in step 2.
  4. When you find something useful, either copy down the call number and location (if it is in our library) or submit an interlibrary loan

More detailed directions can be found on our Searching Databases page.

Major search tools for books

Searching for media

Maps: US and Canada

In the Crumb Library print collection:

  • Historical Atlas of the United States. Ref G 1201.S1 C28 2003
  • The Routledge atlas of African American history. Ref E 185 .E125 2000
  • search BearCat for other atlases of U.S. history

Maps: World

  • Maps for Students (of ancient history, from the Classical Atlas Project)
  • Metis - "a QTVR Interface for Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites"
  • Perseus Atlas - from the Perseus project

In the Crumb Library print collection:

  • Barrington atlas of the Greek and Roman world. Ref G 1033 .B3 2000
  • Atlas of classical history. Ref G 1033 .A833 1985
  • Atlas of the Greek and Roman world in antiquity.   Ref. G1033 .A84 1981
  • Atlas of the year 1000.  Ref. G1034 .M15 1999
  • Atlas of World War I.   Ref G1037 .G5 1994
  • The Times atlas of world history. Ref. G1030 .T54 1993
  • The Times atlas of the Second World War. Ref. G1038 .T6 1989
  • The chronological atlas of World War Two. Ref. G1038 .M37 1989
  • A world atlas of military history, 1945-1984. Ref. G1030 .H37 1988
  • Atlas of classical History. Ref. G1033 .A833 1985
  • Atlas of the 20th century. Ref. G1035 .N3 1982
  • Historical atlas of the world. Ref. G1030 .H54 1981
  • The Anchor atlas of world history. G1030 .K552 1974 v.2 c.
  • Graphic history of the Americas. Ref. G1101.S1 M5 1969
  • Recent history atlas 1860 to 1960. G1035 .G5 1967
  • Rand McNally atlas of world history. Ref. G1030 .R3 1965
  • Historical atlas, medieval and modern. G1030 .M84 196

Can't find it here?

Browsing the stacks

C History

  • History of civilization; Archaeology; Chronology; Inscriptions; Heraldry (more)

D History: Eastern                   Hemisphere

  • General; Old World; Africa; Asia; Oceania (more)

E-F  History: Western                 Hemisphere

  • America, North and South (more)

For a more detailed breakdown click "(more)".


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