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Copy of Voting

Who is representing me?

Wondering who your senators and representatives are? Check out the League of Women Voters (New York State Division) for more information! (Some down ballot information may be out of date.)

If you want to get a closer look at the candidates at the state level and district level, try these options:
     2020 Election coverage by office - from Ballotpedia.  Includes some offices at more local levels e.g. judges, school boards, ballot measures, etc.

    Non partisan voter guide options from Headcount:  Project VoteSmart, Vote 411 Voter Guide, Voterly, Know Your Vote, Campus Election Engagement Project.

What party do I vote for?

If you don't follow politics, it can be hard to tell if you are a Democrat, Republican, or something else. Find out which side you fall under with this Political Typology Quiz!

Still confused on which candidates you want to cast a vote for. Take this quiz from I Side With to find out which candidates are the best fit for you!

If you are wondering about a claim made by a candidate, here are 10 non partisan fact checking websites from a librarian.

Who and what is on my ballot?

Try this sample ballot lookup from Ballotpedia or this lookup page from Vote411  (Presidential candidates and local ballot issues may not be included).

Every candidate and referendum, explained.  From

My Vote Ballotpedia  Phone app to explore elections and candidates.

National, State, Local Offices and ballot measures From Ballotpedia.


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