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CHEM 342 -Organic Chemistry - Martin Walker - 2024 Spring

Search Logs

You are required to do two things with your search results from today's session:

  1. Add them to the class Google docs record
  2. Write an individual report on what you did

To that end, it is very helpful to keep a search log.  Here is a generic search log for this class.  You will need to modify it depending upon your assigned search tool (e.g. books will keep track of different things than electronic search tools)

Search Tools

The search tools required for this lab include many that are found on the library databases page, as well as tools specific to this lab.  The tab structure on the chemistry page should help direct you to the type of tool you need.  The complete list for this lab, also located on page two of the lab, is:

Note: We no longer have access to STN Easy or Reaxys.

1. ScienceDirect (SciVerse) (select "chemistry" as the subject on the databases page):

  • One person to search before 1999
  • another person search 2000-present

2. ACS Publications (select "chemistry" as the subject on the databases page):

  • One person to search - covers ACS publications before 1995 and a few selected titles to present

3. RSC Publications

4. Springerlink (select "chemistry" as the subject on the databases page):

5. Organic Syntheses (

  • One person to search

6. Books: As supplied by the library staff and the instructor.

  • These will mostly provide generic information.
  • Number of people to be assigned on the day.

7. Google Scholar (

  • One person to search for the specific reaction

8. Google Web search (

  • One person to search on the given InChIKeys in Google and at least one other major search engine (Bing, Yahoo, or Scirus for example).

9. ChemSpider (

  • One person to search

10. J-STAGE: Collection of Japanese journals, many of which are open access and published in English.

  • One person to search



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