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History: Modern America: Encyclopedias and handbooks


These include online and print resources that provide introductory and condensed factual material.

Reference works can be useful for:

  • getting some basic information on your topic
  • providing lists of references to books and/or articles on your topic

Reference Sources - starting your research and getting an overview

These are found online.

Reference Sources - starting your research and getting an overview

These are found online in paper in the Reference Area - 1st floor Crumb.

  • General
    • The Reader's Companion to American History. Ref E 174.R43 1991
    • The Oxford Companion to United States history. Ref E 174.O94 2001
    • American Decades. Ref E 169.12.A419 - a decade-by-decade look at U.S. history
    • Encyclopedia of American Facts & Dates. Ref E 174.5.C3 1993
    • Facts on File Yearbook. 1943-2000. Ref D 410.F3. An annual record of major events.
    • The A.H.A. Guide to Historical Literature. Ref D 20.A1A55 1995. See Sect. 44, "U.S. History since 1920"
  • Major fields of history
    • Encyclopedia of American Social History. Ref HN 57.E58 1993
    • Encyclopedia of American Economic History. Ref HC 103.E52
    • Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy. Ref JX 1407.E53
    • The U.S. Labor Movement: references and resources. Ref HD 8066.S766
    • The ABC-Clio Companion to Transportation in America. Ref HE 203.R54
    • The ABC-Clio Companion to Media in America. Ref P 92.U5 H58 1995
    • The ABC-Clio Companion to Women's Progress in America. Ref H 1410.F76 1994
    • Guide to American Political History. Ref E 183.F48 2001
    • Homelessness in America; 1893-1992, an annotated bibliography. Ref HV 4505.A1H66 1994
    • Civil Rights in the United States. Ref E184.A1C47 2000
    • Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism. Ref E 184.A1E58
  • Reference works on time periods
    • American Reconstruction, 1862-1877. Ref E 668.R53 1996
    • Modern America, 1914-1945. Ref E766.G74 1995
    • Historical Dictionary of the 1920s. Ref E 784.O44 1988
    • Historical Dictionarty of the New Deal. Ref E 806.H58 198
    • The Harry S. Truman Encyclopedia. Ref E 814.H336
    • The Columbia Guide to America in the 1960s. Ref E 841.C575
    • Watergate: chronology of a crisis. Ref E 860.C64 1975
  • Handbooks on regions of the U.S.
    • Encyclopedia of New England. Ref F 4.E53 2005
    • The Encyclopedia of New York City. Ref F 128.3.E75 1995
    • The Encyclopedia of Southern History. Ref F 207.7.E52
    • The New Encyclopedia of the American West. Ref F 591.N46 1998
  • Guides to ethnic groups in American history
    • see the Reference shelves at Ref E 184 - E 185.

There are many more. Browse the Reference Area in Crumb.

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