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GRDG 620 - Literacy and Linguistically Diverse Learners - Sheryl Scales

Role of a Professional Organization/Association

No matter what field you are in, professional organizations are designed to help you.  They help with:

  • Networking
    • Conferences
    • Member directories
    • Committee memberships
    • Social Media/Listservs
  • Advocacy
    • Large organizations lobby for the profession at the national level
    • Smaller organizations may organize for focused legislation or regional concerns
  • Professional Development
    • Continuing Education (CE) courses
    • Certificate programs
    • Webinars
    • Conferences
  • Keeping Current
    • Blogs
    • Newsletters
    • Magazines
  • Other Discipline Specific Assistance
    • Lesson plans in Education
    • Assistance navigating the IRB process (Institutional Review Boards - federal regulations for research on human subjects)
    • Discounts for necessary software or equipment
  • Scholarly Communication within the field
    • Scholarly, sometimes peer-reviewed, journals published by the organizations
    • Grants to support scholarship in the field
    • Awards for recognition of outstanding achievement

Professional Organizations in Education

Examples of professional organizations in the field of education
(note - Union organizations like NYSUT or AFT are not included in this list):

Large National Overarching Organizations:

Content Area Organizations:

Sub-discipline Organizations:

Regional Organizations, often subdivisions of a national organization with a specialty focus:

It's also important to become familiar with other non-profit, government support organizations or professional organizations in a related field for example:

Here is a list of Education Professional Associations & Organizations

Note: You should always investigate any organization before joining it.  Consider the Association of American Educators (AAE) and what the Center for Media and Democracy's Sourcewatch site says about it.


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