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Responsible Use of Library Materials, Services, and Spaces


As members of the scholarly community using our common resources, all library users are responsible for maintaining our library and our library resources. Library use is a privilege extended to those who recognize that the collections, technology, and spaces in our libraries are resources to be shared with current and future users. Library users must observe the policies and procedures that have been established to make sure these resources are accessible to all.

Borrower and User Responsibilities:


  • Library users are responsible for understanding and following the policies and procedures for use of materials, services and spaces as published on the College Libraries’ website.
  • Library users must present their library card to borrow.
  • College Library users must use their SUNY card as library card.
  • Library users are responsible for library materials charged out to them until they are returned and examined by library staff.
  • Library users are responsible for maintaining a current email address in the libraries’ database, and for retrieval of library notices sent to that email address.


Inappropriate use of Library Privileges, Materials, or Spaces

Repeated or egregious inappropriate use of library materials, spaces, policies (for specifics, see our Borrowing Policy, Interlibrary Loan Policy, or Building Policy), or services will be deemed to be abuse of policies, and may result in the assessment of fees, revocation of library borrowing privileges, and/or referral for College judicial procedure.

Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:

  • Repeated willful retention of library materials beyond their stated loan periods, or the continuous accrual of late fees and/or replacement fees, constituting an intentional disregard of the borrowing policies and guidelines of the College Libraries.
  • Deliberate retention of library materials known to be needed by others.
  • Writing upon, defacing, tearing, cutting, mutilating, or destroying books or other library property or college property in the custody of the library, including allowing water, food, or other substances to damage items.
  • The willful removal of a book or other library property in contravention to library regulations, including willful concealment of a book or other library property on one's person or among one's belongings while attempting to leave without formal borrowing through the library circulation desks.
  • The deliberate concealment or misplacement of a book or other library or college property within the libraries.
  • The intentional alteration or destruction of library ownership records or security measures.


Appropriate consequences will be determined by the Director of Libraries. All decisions are subject to appeal; for more information about appeals consult the College Libraries Appeal Process.


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