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Reserves - Faculty Information

Placing Items on Reserve


REQUIRED: reserve request form

  1. To place items on reserve, begin by filling out the reserve request form.  This is REQUIRED as it has a statement about your compliance with our copyright guidelines.
  2. Then submit items to be placed on reserve to Tammy Mason:
    • Personal items may be sent through campus mail (slower) or hand delivered to the circulation desk at the library.
    • Books owned by the library will be retrieved by library staff BUT if they are already checked out to someone else, there is no immediate recall option.  So please let us put things on reserve BEFORE telling your students about it.
    • We cannot place books borrowed from other libraries on reserve.
  3. The textbook project has ceased and we are no longer purchasing new textbooks as we have not received funding to continue the program. We do have a list of existing textbooks (see link below) that are still available at the circulation desk, but they are not connected to a particular course. If you would like to place them on reserve for your class which will enable students to look them up by course/faculty name, please fill out the reserve request form for that title.
  4. Turn-around times for getting materials on reserves is not immediate.  Once received, we will try to process requests within 4 business days from the initial date of drop off.
  5. Crane reserves also need a valid reserve form and may be dropped off at either the Crumb circulation desk or at Crane during the limited afternoon hours they will be open.  Crane reserves are handled by Ed Komara; please contact him directly with questions.

Restrictions on Reserves

  • There is a limit of 20 items per course. If this limitation poses a hardship to teaching and learning, faculty and staff may contact the circulation staff to find a solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Material submitted for reserve must meet the requirements of the Copyright Guidelines. Material requiring copyright permission may not be placed on reserve until permission is received. The individual instructor is responsible for obtaining copyright permission when necessary. Please ask staff for information on how to obtain permission.
  • An article obtained through Interlibrary Loan for personal research may not subsequently be placed on Reserve. Due to loan period restrictions, books obtained through Interlibrary Loan cannot be held on reserve for an entire semester.
  • Copies of articles that have been on reserve in previous semesters cannot be placed on reserve again without permission from the copyright holder.
  • Grouping articles together under a generic title is considered an anthology and requires the permission of all copyright holders.


Crumb Library: 315-267-2485
Crane Library: 315-267-2451

Text Us! (Mon-Fri, 10 - 4): 315-277-3730

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