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Teaching Online - General Resources for Faculty

Connectivity for Students

The Student Success Center has established a page covering Connectivity for students who don't have it.  Please look there for information about internet service providers, hot-spots, wi-fi, etc.  There is also a campus page for Student Tech Support where students can get support for software issues.  For library help, whether research or technical, students and faculty can use our chat or appointment services.

Overview for Library Resources Off-Campus

Databases and other services to which SUNY Potsdam subscribes for a fee require Potsdam affiliated users to authenticate when off-campus by logging in with their Potsdam username and password.  The trigger for authentication is part of the URL link for the service created by the library.  What does this mean for you:

To get to a given database or service, you must USE THE LINKS ON THE LIBRARY PAGE Googling the name of the database will NOT get you to the same place. 

For example:

Name of Service URL from Google URL from Library (masked) Real URL behind library mask
  user gets to site, but cannot see any content user is directed to authenticate and can see content coding that directs user to authenticate

Linking to content WITHIN a database

Our venders will require the same authentication to link to individual items within a database as for access to the database.  So let's say you want to link to an article:

  • faculty may wish to do this to link articles so that their students can view them remotely
  • students may wish to do this for bibliographies or group work so others can see what they have found.

1) Look for a linking icon from the service, or the word "permalink".  Clicking on this usually opens a box with the URL that you can copy and paste or may automatically do the copying and ask you to paste it somewhere.  These URLs are created with the authentication prefix that will let another user from the same institution get back to where you were.

2) If the vendor does not supply a link, create your own (test it before linking it anywhere - works with many, but not all, venders):

permalink = proxy prefix + content URL

The proxy prefix is


Tech info about Library Electronic Resources

1. Permalinks in Quick Search: Re-indexing of our Quick Search (Everything, BearCat, Journal Search) took place in May. This may have broken all permalinks to our discovery service. e.g.,  If you have such links in your syllabus or Moodle, please make sure you check and update them before Fall semester.


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