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Teaching Online - General Resources for Faculty

Teaching Online:
  • Pre-Recorded Video with Live Discussion: There will be a pre-recorded video available to you. This video will be introductory level and will cover beginners information literacy and library resource use. The video will cover content that is normally covered when a class first comes to the library for instruction, however unlike those in- person sessions, there will not be discipline specific content. The thought behind this set-up is that Faculty will assign the video to be watched and after all students have watched the video, a library instruction team member will join the virtual class meeting to discuss anything the faculty member would like added and answer any questions for the students. 
  • All Live: All parts of the instruction session are live during the virtual class meeting. If faculty are looking for introductory level instruction, we encourage you to use the pre-recorded video option. If faculty are looking for higher level, discipline specific instruction, the all live version is better suited for the class. However, we encourage those looking for higher topic level instruction to still have students watch the video to ensure an even playing field for their students when entering the instruction session.
Teaching In-Person:
If the library building is open, our classroom is still not set up for large group instruction while maintaining social distance. We have yet to come up with policy and procedures for how this will work. Instruction may have to occur in your classrooms in order for in-person instruction to occur, if it occurs at all. This will be updated as new information is available. 




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