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College Libraries Strategic Planning 2014-2016: Goal 6: Marketing

Goal 6: Market our strengths to our community

  1. Communicate the mission and goals of the libraries to the campus community.
    1. Communicate the value of the Libraries’ assistance to student success.
    2. Increase campus awareness of the libraries’ role in information literacy and teaching support.
    3. Plan and host faculty outreach events to serve Libraries’ communications goals.
    4. Build and strengthen relationships with the Center for Student Research.
  2. Effectively communicate the role, purpose, and impact of the College Libraries to the campus administration as part of the ongoing leadership and budgeting transitions of the College.
    1. Clarify and affirm our instructional support role in this community.
    2. Share and discuss results of 2013 Ithaka survey with various community groups.
    3. Intentionally collaborate with other campus groups that have influence over faculty opinion.
    4. Clarify and affirm the current and future relationship between the College Libraries and the Sheard Literacy Center.
  3. Begin creating a library of strategic influence documents that will direct the incoming administration regarding library goals and needs.
    1. Update the Minerva Center plan to reflect the work of the last 5 years and to accommodate the potential variations on proposed library construction projects in 2014-2016.
    2. Gather data to support and then request a systematic, predictable budget increase for the College Libraries.
    3. Gather data to support and then propose a hiring plan for coming years.
  4. Formalize our work toward marketing and programming in the College Libraries.
    1. Write and implement a College Libraries marketing plan.
    2. Implement a broadly constituted Marketing and Programming Committee to distribute the tasks of planning and executing of events and outreach programming across multiple engaged staff members.
    3. Normalize outreach and marketing efforts across both Crumb and Crane Libraries.
  5. Continue assessing the purpose and success of our web presence to our many constituencies, and evolving the College Libraries web services in response to that assessment.
    1. Consider building a faculty portal on the College Libraries website to enhance understanding of policies, services, copyright, etc. and enhance support of faculty research and scholarship.
  6. Develop a Crane Library strategic plan to supplement and assist in the 2016 College Libraries Program Review.

    Resource Dependent Action Items:
  7. Showcase libraries’ use of Moodle for student employee management as a campus best practice.
  8. Formalize an Outreach Internship to maintain our social media presence.
  9. Build on our successful Outreach efforts, and expand our impact to build community, access, and understanding of libraries services.


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Crane Library: 315-267-2451

Text Us!: 315-277-3730

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