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Librarian onboarding

Jump right in!

  • Review/Revise Student Training Manual and plan for Spring 2023/Fall 2023 Hiring and Training
  • Create Alma books lists for temporary displays (e.g. Winter Holidays, Black History Month, ...)
  • Review Life and Browse collections for swap with new materials from the stacks.
  • Point person on
    • creating a calendar of the library year (in conjunction with meetings w/ all library staff)
    • creating a list of areas needing documentation for policies/procedures
  • Book ordering - what are the glaring holes in our collection from your perspective?  Ordering suggestions welcome & you'll get training on ordering procedures.
  • Thought projects: fresh eyes looking at, thinking about goals/ideals for, and creating projects related to:
    • Your own scholarly interests.  What would you like to pursue?  Explore some areas and create a plan.
    • Issues related to physical materials
      • Inventory
      • Lost/Missing processes and procedures
      • Communication with Students (when/how)
      • Outreach
    • Primo enhancement thoughts (in consultation with Bryan?)
    • Alma aspirational goals (theory, not practice) on TOUs, Fines/Fees, Letters
  • Create aspirational plan for professional development.  Which opportunities do you want to pursue?  What money will it take?  Consult other librarians/director for money sources/grants.


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