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Librarian onboarding

Day 1 (& day 2?)

Welcome!!!!  Day 1 is getting through critical infrastructure/administrative tasks and schmoozing/lunch with other library staff

  • Extensive tour of the facility including Library main office, break room, mail handling, supply closet, external exits key/card/security issues
  • Meet with Human Resources for necessary paperwork and benefits review (H.R. doesn't meet with new staff because everything is online. Director will review H.R. website and then take new librarian to H.R. for answering any questions).
  • Meet with Library Director to go over job expectations/responsibilities/training/support for reappointment/etc.
  • Go to appropriate campus offices for necessary tasks
    • Keys (from Physical Plant if not in library office already)
    • CTS (at help desk in Stillman Hall if computer not in office already)
    • Photo ID (from PACES service window in Merritt Hall)
    • Parking Pass (from University Police in Van Housen extension) and where library staff typically park and get to building.  Discuss mini lot at rear of building and any campus construction issues.
  • Set up Authy for Multi-factor authentication
  • Set up RAVE account
  • Explanation of what Paces is and Paces facilities and services (dining, bookstore, laundry, etc)
  • Discuss fire alarm procedures and standard fire drill schedule.  Locations of fire pulls, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits.
  • Door alarms and keys at circ desk for alarmed doors
  • Severe Weather Policy and how closures, emergencies, etc. are handled
  • Relationship between the library and the other building offices


Crumb Library: 315-267-2485
Crane Library: 315-267-2451

Text Us!: 315-277-3730

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