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Starting your research


Why use articles?

"Article" is a generic term to indicate a shorter length item in a larger body of work.  There are different types of articles and they deliver different types of information.  The three main types of articles are:

  • Newspaper articles - for current events and opinion pieces
  • Magazine (popular periodical) articles - for a general audience on a topic of general interest; not too long or complicated, assumes the reader knows nothing
  • Scholarly (academic) articles - written by and for professionals about current research findings.  Assumes background knowledge and understanding of specialized vocabulary.  Often peer-reviewed. 

Concrete suggestions

Good databases to start searching for articles include:


Crumb Library: 315-267-2485
Crane Library: 315-267-2451

Text Us! (Mon-Fri, 10 - 4): 315-277-3730

Social Media

College Libraries


SUNY Potsdam College Libraries
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