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Software help for your citations

There are three kinds of software that can help you with citations:

Citation generators - these allow you to type or copy the information into their form and it will create the citation for you.  These tools are notorious for getting citations close, but not perfect.  Double check any citations created this way.  Examples include:

Built-in citation tools - from library databases to book catalogs to Google scholar, many tools for research have been designed to produce citations for you from the information they contain.  They also have their share of errors, so you need to double check any citations you harvest this way.  Look for links with words like:

  • Cite
  • Citation Tools

Citation Managers - if you are a serious researcher and would like help keeping track of all of your citations, these tools help track your lists of citations.  Examples include:

  • EndNote
  • Mendeley
  • Zotero