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Starting your research

Finding Web Sources

Find quality web sites on the free web by using your favorite search engine (e.g. Google)

  • Use advanced search features to make your search more effective.
  • Use more than one search engine (for example, try Duck Duck Go) to find a wider variety of information, as search engines index different web sites.
  • Monitor search engine pros and cons by checking sites like Search Engine Watch.
  • Evaluate information you find on the free web!  It's easy to find almost anything online, but read it with a critical eye.

Pay attention to what TYPE of thing you have found.  For example:

  • Did you find a .gov source?  Government Documents are often credible and authoritative
  • Did you use Google Scholar to find things?  You've probably found articles and book citations with perhaps some links to full text.
  • Did you end up with .com sites?  What are their reputations?  How current are they? How substantive are they?  Ask questions.