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College Libraries Strategic Planning: Goal 1: Mission

Goal 1: We will excel as a hub for teaching, learning, and research, meeting expressed user needs by integrating technology and information resources with key services and user education.

Objective 1.1: We will identify our strongest functional role on campus in the eyes of our users and potential users.

Near-term Projects:

  •  Survey the student body regarding their expectations of and satisfaction with the College Libraries. Completed in AY2009-2010
  •  Survey Crane student body regarding their perceptions of the Crane Library  Completed in AY 2009-2010
  •  Plan and implement small and targeted issue-specific surveys of faculty. On hold until 2014, pending reassignment of staff responsibilities and participation in Ithaka Faculty Survey 2013
  •  Analyze data and compose a summary of findings from 2010 and 2011 assessments and 2008 Self-Study. Assessment analysis begun Spring 2013 with addition of A. Gomez to Director's assessment team.

Long-term Projects:

  • Create and implement a plan to do regular assessments of user needs and satisfaction based on the successes and challenges of the 2010 assessments and summary. Plan created in collaboration with Director of Institutional Assessment, Spring 2011

Objective 1.2: We must review our service philosophy and priorities in light of the assessments available to us, including Spring 2010 assessments and 2008-2009 Program Review and Self Study reports.

Near-term Projects:

  •  Review and rewrite College Libraries mission and vision statements as appropriate in light of current trends in librarianship, campus needs, and the evolving goals of the Libraries. Mission statement approved, Summer 2013
  •  Using data drawn from the mission, vision, and assessment statements, and from group discussion within the libraries, identify and prioritize key services and activities in each area of the Libraries, and focus resources accordingly.

Objective 1.3:  We will strengthen and foster logical collaborations with campus colleagues, projects, and curricula related to research.

Near-term Projects:

  •  Build a strong collaborative relationship with the Center for Undergraduate Research, building on the Information Literacy workshops and instruction program, the Institutional Repository hosted on Dspace, and the College Libraries involvement in course-based student scholarship. Additional work expected Fall 2013 with hiring of new Director of Student Research
  •  Expand outreach relationships with teaching faculty to promote the Libraries’ programs in support of course-based student scholarship.

Long-term Projects:

  •  Assist in the successful implementation of projects related to the Title 3 Grant on Undergraduate Research, including embedding of librarians into new upper-division learning communities focused on research skills and practice. Initial attempts were not embraced by campus constituents. New approaches are evolving.


Objective 1.4:  We will strengthen and foster logical collaborations with campus colleagues, projects, and curricula related to technology.

Near-term Projects:

  •  Plan and implement sustainable expansion of the role of the College Libraries in the campus computer lab infrastructure, leveraging our culture of service and assistance to continue the success of current technology implementations in the Libraries. Planning completed AY 2009-2010; implementation progressing in stages pending full funding of renovation plans.

Long-term Projects:

  •  Explore implementation of a staffing model which includes Crumb Library as a Help Desk service point with a focus on student technology support. Planning completed AY 2010-2011, implemented fall 2011.
  •  Explore the role of the Crane Library staff and services in support of user technology needs, particularly considering the Midi Lab, the new Performing Arts facility, and other emerging needs in the Crane School. Initial high-level meetings held spring 2013

Objective 1.5:  We will strengthen and foster logical collaborations with campus colleagues, projects, and curricula related to information literacy, with a goal of reaching every student once during each year of their program of study.

Long-term Projects:

  •  Develop outreach and instructional tools deliverable online, including virtual building tours, point-of-need video tutorials, and content embeddable in course-management systems for faculty use. Done, Summer 2012
  •  Work closely with the General Education Coordinator to ensure that Information Literacy remains a strong and vital component of the College’s General Education program, exploring all options for strengthening the component, including for-credit courses, add-on course components, embedding librarians in teaching, etc. Work begun Spring 2011 with new assessment of Information Literacy as General Education standard; during 2011 with launch of Information Literacy subcommittee of the broader Gen Ed discussion for AY2011-2012.
  •  Work with the College Administration on workload and hiring issues to ensure sufficient library faculty are available for outreach and teaching in support of Information Literacy and Undergraduate Research. In current hiring climate, done Spring 2012 with hire of E. Andrews.

Objective 1.6:  We will continue to strengthen and foster logical collaborations with campus colleagues, projects, and curricula as relate to new partnerships in academic support.

Long-term Projects:

  • Investigate ways to more fully and sustainably integrate the services of the College Writing Center with the successful research assistance services offered by the College Libraries, considering approaches that can flourish before the successful creation of the Minerva Center. Implementation of the Research Center in Fall 2010 has begun this partnership.
  • Investigate ways to partner with campus colleagues to link library learning and spaces with campus tutoring services, considering approaches that can flourish before the successful creation of the Minerva Center. Not supported in current renovation plan; not a current priority.
  • Investigate ways to partner with campus colleagues to provide support and access to teaching and learning with media, both in access for study and in creation, considering approaches that can flourish before the successful creation of the Minerva Center. TLTR working group report to the Provost in Spring 2011 has outlined approaches and is awaiting further campus discussions. 
  • Support campus efforts to consolidate and formalize teaching and learning with Geographic Information Systems, including provision of technology and academic support for GIS work. Campus planning for GIS has moved elsewhere; not a current priority.

Objective 1.7:  We will develop a service plan for the Crane Library that reflects the strengths of and opportunities appearing for a 21st Century music library.

Near-term Projects:

  • Write a 10 year report complementary to the self-study work done for the College Libraries overall, analyzing the State of the Julia Crane Memorial Library and the changes of the last decade. Done, summer 2011.

Long-term Projects:

  • Draft a new vision for the unique services and collections of the Crane Library in line with the planning done for the College Libraries as a whole. Expected 2014 as we begin self-study process for 2016
  • Investigate ways to partner with campus colleagues to link the expertise of the Crane Library staff with emerging programs demonstrating cross-disciplinary information needs in the performing arts. Expected to begin in 2014 with completion of Performing Arts Building and new partnerships it may foster.

Objective 1.8:  We will be responsible and creative stewards of College resources, advocating for appropriate and sufficient resources to support our success.

Near-term Projects:

  • Balance funding between services and infrastructure in a way that will accommodate the information needs of users and support teaching and learning but also begins to address the Libraries’ deferred maintenance issues. Several major infrastructure projects related to carpeting, furniture, and ceilings were undertaken in 2010-2011.
  • Build budget plans that adjust our expenses (and the attendant services) to reflect the realities of current College budgets and the service priorities of the Libraries. Done, 2012.

Long-term Projects:

  • Determine what optimal staffing levels are for the College Libraries, and lobby the campus administration to meet those needs.  2009 hiring plan complete, Summer 2012. New hiring plan being drafted, Summer 2013.
  • Develop a formula that accounts for price inflation in library and information products, and lobby the campus administration to implement a systematic annual budget increase for the College Libraries which reflects that formula. Begun in Winter 2011, springboarding from benchmark data produced by SUNY's LARS survey, longitudinal data work continued in Summer 2012. Proposal expected Summer 2013.


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