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College Libraries Strategic Planning: Goal 4: Organization

Goal 4: We will be a nimble, innovative organization committed to quality and responsiveness, built around a staff structure that responds to challenges and successes with grace.

Objective 4.1:  We will adopt a new management structure for the College Libraries.

Near-term Projects:

  • Develop a long-term plan for staff management and structure for the College Libraries based on who we aspire to be rather than on currently available resources and staff. Completed AY 2009-2010
  • Revise staff management structure based on current resources and staff, accommodating unfilled positions in the 2010-2011 academic year, as a transitional plan which leads to implementation of the long-term plan. Completed AY 2009-2010
  • Write and approve new Bylaws of the College Libraries to reflect the modified governance structure. Done, Summer 2012.

Long-term Projects:

  • Plan for the future of each functional area of the Libraries’ staff, including transition planning, training needs, and maintenance of legacy systems and processes, and integrate this into the aspirational plan 
  • Consider the relationship between the College Libraries’ management structure and the Bylaws of the College Libraries, and the benefits and drawbacks of the intricate linkage between the two. Done, Summer 2012.

Objective 4.2:  We will integrate our successful pilot projects into the operational structure of the organization, sustainably managing, staffing and funding these initiatives. 

Near-term Projects:

  • Leverage the strengths of the now-defunct Resource Sharing Working Group by creating Brainstorming Groups dedicated solely to learning about and teaching others about new developments in the profession.

Long-term Projects:

  • Affirm our commitment to faculty scholarship, undergraduate research, and the College’s institutional repository by hiring a librarian responsible for scholarship outreach and support. Done with hiring of Discovery Metadata Librarian in Summer 2012.
  • Affirm our commitment to the successful outreach and undergraduate research efforts of the College Archives by staffing the Archives with appropriate clerical and professional support. Begun with hiring of full-time College Archivist, Summer 2011, lobbying for further support ongoing.

Objective 4.3:  We will build a workplace culture that values personal initiative and responsibility and is supportive of the strengths of all employees. 

Near-term Projects:

  • Review and revise the Libraries’ approach to mentorship to better acknowledge, accommodate, and reward the informal mentoring that is a strength of our staff. Re-affirmation of value of mentoring process completed in fall of 2011. New policy for mentoring program written in 2013.
  • Support initiatives, projects, and attitudes that lead to a culture of personal responsibility for communal work without creating boundaries that stifle collaboration and cooperation.
  • Review and revise routine performance expectations to ensure that all staff have time for formal and informal mentorship, collaboration, creativity, and learning. Begun Fall 2010. Ongoing.

Objective 4.4:  We will reorganize the physical arrangement of library staff to encourage greater collaboration, connectedness of work, and efficiency.

Near-term Projects:

  • Assess the space and resource needs of each functional area of the Libraries, in consideration of the futures planning done by each area. Begun Fall 2010, continuing into Summer 2011. Expected to be part of renovation work in 2014.
  • Develop a plan to appropriately furnish and repurpose available staff space given projected needs. Begun Fall 2010, continuing into AY2011-2012. Full refurnishing of all staff office spaces expected to complete in Crumb by Fall 2012, and in Crane by fall 2013.



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