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Microforms Collections in F.W. Crumb Library

Crumb Library houses a variety of primary materials collections in microforms. This guide will describe our collections, outline how to find and use them as well as the resources you use to determine the content of the collections.

What are Microforms?

Microform is a general term for any material that contains a small image or microreproduction of a document.  In Crumb Library, these document images are can be found as microfilm, microfiche, ultrafiche and microcards.  Since the images are so small, special readers/scanners are used to view and copy the documents.  Microforms make thousands of documents available while taking up very small amounts of storage space.


Where are the Microforms?

The microform collections in this guide are primary sources and are housed in cabinets and shelves on the main floor of Crumb Library behind the stairs and adjacent to the group study area.  Government Documents microforms are located on the second floor adjacent to the print documents.

How do I use the Microforms?

Next to the cabinets and shelves that house our microforms, we have equipment for viewing and scanning the documents.  The particular format - film, fiche, card - determines which equipment is appropriate to use.  All the equipment is labeled, help documents are posted and staff at the Help Desks can assist you if you have questions.

Microform Collections

Detailed information on the primary source collections that we hold in microform and appropriate finding aids are described under the labeled tabs above.  Any questions?  Please check with the librarian at the Research Help Desk or send us a question via our Get Help service.


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